Road To Paris

EP.1 - Setting Intentions

EP.2 - Do the Work

EP.3 - Texas Relays

EP.4 - State of Track

The best athletes set their intention for the season. This provides a direct path toward where they want to go in a season. This North Star provides clear guidance on actions to take and where to invest their time. Watch and learn how these athletes set themselves up to achieve daily and weekly wins, which they hope to accumulate into a successful season.

Follow along as we capture the dedication, sacrifice, and passion that goes into training for the world's biggest stage. Road to Paris is a project created by athletes for athletes, showcasing the journey of professional athletes as they prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

This project gives viewers an exclusive look into the lives and perspectives of pro-sprinters preparing for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics. 🏅 The content is intentionally directed toward athletes, providing an inside look at the process of becoming an Olympic athlete.

The state of track and field is currently strong and growing, with a resurgence in popularity and a new generation of exceptional athletes. The sport is marked by intense rivalries, record-breaking performances, and incredible feats of strength, speed, and endurance.

The state of track and field is currently strong and growing; however, the general consumer and most professional athletes have no idea how it operates. Listen as we dive into the fundamental of the world of Track and Field.