Kicking it With Kenny

A Day in the Life: "Rapid-Fire"

Pro-Tip: The Importance of a Support Team

Kenny's Corner: "Mentor"

Kenny's Corner: "Sports Psychologist"

Introducing “Kicking it with Kenny,” an electrifying series that gives you a front-row seat to the life of world-class Track and Field athlete, Kenny Bednarek. With each episode, we’ll dive deep into Kenny’s many passions, unveiling his rigorous training regimen and offering an exclusive look into the thrilling experiences he encounters on and off the track.

Viewers can anticipate surprising answers and a chance to get to know Kenny like never before. The episode also includes a mini tour of Kenny's home in sunny Minneola, Florida. Viewers will meet his playful dogs, learn about his cars, and get a sense of what everyday life is like for an Olympian. As an added special treat, the episode will feature pro-golfer and Kenny's girlfriend, Sharmila Nicollet. She'll be sharing her unique perspective and insights on Kenny's life.

This project gives viewers an exclusive look into the lives and perspectives of pro-sprinters preparing for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics. 🏅 The content is intentionally directed toward athletes, providing an inside look at the process of becoming an Olympic athlete.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the true backbone of Kenny's Bednarek success - an incredible support team. Learn how Kenny secures victories on the track and the team of professionals who make it all possible.

The state of track and field is currently strong and growing; however, the general consumer and most professional athletes have no idea how it operates. Listen as we dive into the fundamental of the world of Track and Field.